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Wireless Smart Control

Sometimes, running extra cabling for lighting controls may be neither desirable or possible  In those cases RIDI Smart Control allows for comprehensive control and energy saving using a wireless system based on Bluetooth low energy 

Luminaires, switches and sensors are all equipped with Bluetooth radios which form a mesh network, allowing a control system to be built without the traditional extra wiring 

Energy savings functions you would expect such as daylight harvesting and presence/absence detection are all possible as well as scene setting, time clocks and circadian rhythms 

Control and configure the system from any iOS or Android device with Bluetooth LE

Energy Saving

Daylight Harvesting

A room with daylight is more natural and comfortable to work in.  It also means that less artificial light is needed.  Automatic dimming and switching of the lighting maintains the right lighting levels and reduces energy usage.  

Movement Detection

Using presence detection, lights switch on and off automatically with occupancy.  

With absence detection, lights need to be switched on manually but still switch off automatically.

Smart Circulation

We don't hold on a whole building's corridors and circulation areas, jut because one office is occupied.  Smart Circulation puts a bubble of light around building users so that they never enter a dark corridor or stairwell, but it minimises the lit area to save energy. 

Time Control

Lighting output and settings can be timed to match your building's usage.  Each area can respond to the type of usage based on day and time. 

Convenience and Wellbeing

Scene Setting

Change the mood or function of a room at the touch of a button.  And you can fine tune those scenes any time using the simple mobile app.  Used with RGB luminaires we can create sequences of changing colour.

Smartphone Control

Everything can be configured and adjusted using the simple mobile app on any iOS or Android device with Bluetooth LE.


Daylight is never static, it changes in colour and intensity from dawn to dusk. Used with RIDI's tuneable white luminares, Wireless Smart Control is able to mimic this cycle to promote wellbeing.  


Fault Monitoring

Wireless Smart Control constantly checks all the lighting.  Faults are reported to the app allowing simple rectification or replacement.


Scene Plates

Wireless Battery powered scene plates allow control from anywhere in the room - they're easy to use, conveniently attach to any surface and last two years between battery changes. 

Batteryless Switches

Powered solely by the action of pressing the buttons, the batteryless switches can be mounted to any surface and need no maintenance.


The combined movement and daylight sensors allow for presence and absence controls and daylight harvesting.  They require only a permanent mains supply and so can be used with existing wiring in retrofit applications. Recessed, surface and directional versions are available with long and short range detection patterns.

Our Services


We work with you from the very begining to ensure that when all luminaires and controls are supplied they will be compatible, efficient and economical.

Please contact us if you would like further information about lighting controls, energy savings or if you would like any assistance with planning your next project


The Wireless Smart Control is setup by our in-house commissioning engineers.  They ensure that light levels, timer values and scene settings match your requirements and achieve energy savings to their full potential.


Our renowned after sales suppport gives you peace of mind for the future.  We understand that lighting controls are something that are usually fit and forget.  If you need to make changes to the system in the future we'll be there to guide you through the process.



Wireless Smart Control Brochure


Class Control Wireless Schematic

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