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The light channel to perfection

H-LINE-MINI is unbeatable with its minimum dimensions and two separate light compartments.

The extruded aluminium H-profile of the H-LINE MINI has a cross-section of just 38 x 80 mm, two separate light compartments and highly-efficient RIDI LED linear modules. The RIDI LED linear modules are integrated into the profile with the cover. Because of the small format, the converter has to be accommodated separately in a baldachin or in the false ceiling.

The suspended luminaire is covered flush to top and bottom with opal plastic or microprism lenses. Covers for unlit areas within the light channel are also available.


The H-LINE MINI can optionally be controlled by the RIDI Smart Control from an app via Bluetooth, and the room can be illuminated with individual light moods.

The H-LINE MINI complete luminaire for shadow-free light lines

The H-LINE MINI LED luminaire comprises a very narrow luminaire fixture made from extruded aluminium profile with an external baldachin for the electrical components. The RIDI LED linear modules with mid-power LEDs are mounted directly on the H-LINE MINI gear tray, thereby ensuring optimum thermal management.

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H-LINE MINI applications

Das Profil

The H-LINE MINI profile is extremely narrow, since it only has to carry the RIDI linear modules and the cover. The two light compartments are wired separately. The electrical components are concealed in the ceiling or mounted on the ceiling as a baldachin in the same design as the H-LINE MINI profile.

The light

The RIDI LED modules ensure uniform illumination and a pleasant light with 4000 Kelvin (840) or 3000 Kelvin (830) light colour at a colour reproduction of Ra>80.

Special solutions

As individual special solutions, the H-LINE MINI luminaire is also able to realise constructs or belt installation of the individual luminaires using connecting elements. Matching L-, T- and X-connectors permit continuous corner constructs.

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