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The flexibility, covenience and power of RIDI LINIA is now available in a beautiful granular black finish.  Each curve and line of the product is accentuated, producing a crisp elegant contrast to surrounding areas.

Every LINIA luminaire, accessory and attachment can be specified in the new finish.

More details on the RIDI LINIA system of pre-wired trunking and snap on luminaires...

VLG-F ...B, T, E, A, D, O...

Punchy LEDs with highly controlled light output. These fixtures are suitable for industrial, leisure, retail and educational applications. They can be tuned to fit all sizes of interiors due to the discreet optical lens system. Available optics are;

  • Broad (B)
  • Tight (T)
  • Extra tight (E)
  • Asymmetric (A)
  • Dual asymmetric (D)
  • Opal (O)


VLG-F ...W...

Soft and diffuse Lighting from a double curved white frosted optic.  Produces soft shadows and uniformly lit spaces with low glare. Ideal for classrooms and general purpose areas with lower ceiling heights - or where you need good vertical illumination.


VLG-FS ...BQP, MP...

Low profile luminaires with exceptional light control for commercial interiors and precision industrial/technical applications. 

  • MP micro-prism lens for all round glare control
  • BQP for a wide light distribution with transverse prismatic lenses for longitudinal glare control


Flexible Spotlights

RIDI's range of spotlights can be directly mounted to the LINIA pre-wired trunking, retaining the ability to re-locate them at any time due to LINIA's tool-less fixing methods.  This allows the LED control gear to be mounted within the body of the trunking for an exceptionally neat finish.

For extra flexibility, use LINIA VLM .. ST.. modules with integrated three circuit lighting track.  Spots can be attached and detached, as well as moved along the length of the track, quickly and simply. 

See the VLM ..STS.. track modules...

Lupo Spot

On integrated track


Pablo Spot

On integrated track


Karo-XS Spot

On integrated track


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