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RIDI LINIA-FLAT with VLG-F and VLGP-F gear trays is a particularly low-profile continuous lighting system with integrated integrated linear lenses and six different light distributions.


RIDI LINIA-FLAT with the VLG-FS device carrier is an especially flat light strip with integrated linear lenses and a lens for longitudinal glare control


RIDI LINIA-R for RIDI-TUBE LED illuminant with broad range of light deflectors, reflectors and grids


RIDI LINIA-TURN LED light strip with VLG-T device carrier and swivelling LED illuminant


RIDI LINIA TURN-FLAT LED illuminant with VLG-TF device carrier and swivelling RIDI L-TUBE LED illuminant with integrated lenses


The VLDGT is the universal device carrier for RIDI LINIA DECO light strip. It permits simple mounting and various combinations with attachments and light deflectors

VLG / VLSG ...

RIDI LINIA – the universal light strip for the T26 illuminant with countless versions and colour-coding for simple, quick mounting

VLG-T16 / VLSG-T16

RIDI LINIA T16 – the universal light strip for the T16 illuminant with countless versions and colour-coding for simple, quick mounting

VLM ...

A broad range of modules rounds out the RIDI LINIA light strip system. Modules available for spotlights, sensors, emergency lighting and pictograms.


VLMF spotlight module for placing in variable positions between the VLG-F device carriers

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