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RIDI LINIA T26 – the traditional continuous lighting

RIDI LINIA for T26 illuminants is the modified continuous lighting system for today. This continuous lighting system is still the leader with its unique technology and current conduction, even when it comes to assembly time and maintenance. The system also offers current conduction with flexible tapping, as well as the optical controllers, louvres and accessories in their various versions.

RIDI LINIA T26 has a diverse range for almost every application, for the office, trade, industry or sport.

The VLG universal gear tray for RIDI LINIA T26

RIDI LINIA T26 continuous lighting system with the VLG gear tray also comprises a carrier rail, to which the gear tray is electrically and mechanically connected in a reliable manner via a patented adapter system. RIDI LINIA T26 can be combined with numerous optical controllers, modules and other accessories and is best suited for the production of modular and variable continuous lighting systems, even in long lengths. RIDI LINIA T26 is available to protection classes IP 20 and IP 54. A ball impact resistant version of the RIDI LINIA T26 is also available for sports halls.

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A multitude of modular inserts make the RIDI LINIA T26 an all-rounder

RIDI LINIA T26 offers a large number of modular expansions. The RIDI LINIA modules can be inserted in the support rail at any position. The spotlight modules in particular extend the applications for RIDI LINIA T26. RIDI spotlights DOMINO, FOX, KARO, PABLO, ROCKY and TANGO are each on one module and can illuminate particular objects. Additional modules are the emergency light module, the module with integrated shockproof socket and the modular insert with motion and light sensor. 

With RIDI LINIA T26 too, the latter in particular makes a significant contribution towards energy saving, as the light only comes when required and goes out again after a certain time if no motion is detected. For larger buildings such as industrial halls or warehouses, this feature provides huge benefits. The modules are freely-combinable, and so any intermediate spaces are fully sealed by covers.


RIDI LINIA T26 is the traditional continuous lighting for commercial, trade, industrial and office and administration buildings, schools and sports halls. The dimensions of the T26 illuminant adapts to the room layout and is especially suitable for illuminating large areas or high halls. Various accessories focus the light on the object to be illuminated or on the work surface. 


Effective RIDI quality management ensures that RIDI LINIA T26 illuminants leave the premises only when all requirements are met, and so the customer receives a "Quality made by RIDI" product. All production steps are carefully monitored and each product is checked for functionality. 


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