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Luxreview: RIDI Arktik-ME LED

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Not all UGR 19 fittings look the same. This one has a dropped PMMA diffuser that spreads light on the ceiling so there is less contrast between the panel and the background. There is a rather funky prismed central strip that sparkles and changes appearance when viewed from different angles. The literature shows that in a typical 2.7m-high office, 3m spacings are possible with >80 per cent uniformity. It has a rigid steel body with back-lit LEDs and built-in driver. We tested the 45W version, but there is now a 37W version with the same output.

  • CCT 4079K
  • CRI (Ra14) 84
  • Output 4,293 lm
  • Power 41W
  • Efficacy 106 lm/Wcct
  • Power factor 0.97
  • Price ££

    **** A solid, professional unit

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    Luxreview: RIDI Venice

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    This is stylistically very good. The sections bolt together tightly and this means there is no light loss through the sides. Similarly, the opal diffuser fits very snugly and the ends butt together so the join is almost invisible.

    Best of all, the LEDs are set well away from the 60mm wide diffuser, so the appearance is totally uniform. The LEDs extend right to the ends so there are no dark areas between the sections.

    Like some other manufacturers, there is a clear cover over the LEDs so that cleaning is simple. The body sections are easy to join internally, both electrically and mechanically. Again, the diffuser and LED gear tray are easy to install.

    **** Excellent appearance 

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